A family system's approach to recovery

ServicesWe believe in a family system's approach to recovery. We offer each individual the possibility to move forward in their life while seeking employment, schooling and other opportunities in a supportive family atmosphere. We offer in-house meetings and a strong support system. Our guests are regularly and randomly tested for drug and alcohol use.

You will be treated with respect, kindness and will always be considered equal regardless of your race, gender, orientation, religion, social status or level of education.

Once here, you will be on the road to a new and better way of life.

Upon request, we provide our guests external support through our vast network of partners with affiliates for General Health Evaluations, Social Skills Development lessons, Speech Therapy, Pain Management, Occupational Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling, Recovery Units, Chemical Dependency, Suicide Prevention, Medication, Self Esteem Counseling, HIV Education, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention etc...

Many of our partners are companies with programs held in Hospitals and Treatment Centers where, on some occasions, food and transportation can be provided to and from our locations as a courtesy to our guests. We are proud members of the Los Angeles Sober Living Coalition and the San Fernando Valley Chapter.